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Best Ways to increase traffic to your site and expand your customer base

In today’s overcrowded world of World Wide Web, we have lots and lots of new websites coming every day and deploying various strategies to grab the customers from their competitors. Due to the equality that an online business brings, every business however new or old, have the equal opportunity to bring in more and more audience. So if you are trying to get ahead of your competitors then you need to adopt various strategies to increase traffic to your site-

1. Great Design and User Experience:
The first and foremost thing for an attractive website is the Design and User Experience. Your site should have a simple and creative design that inspire. This gives the first impression of your site to your visitor. Then the overall User Experience should be taken care of. You should make navigation and other functionalities of your site streamlined and should include effects that wows your visitors; something that is very much creative and unique.

2. Irresistible Content:
After Design and UX what matters most is the Content. Content Marketing is a very much effective strategy that you should use.

3. Advertise:
Paid Search, Social Media Advertising and Display Advertising are excellent ways of increasing traffic to your site. Focus on building your brand and target on high commercial intent keywords as a part of your paid search strategy.

4. Social Marketing:
Having a great website and content is important but to materialize that you should promote your sites on Social Media. You can use Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to network and have a word-of-mouth advertisement by having a referral from your previous and existing customers. Whereas Pinterest and Instagram etc. are great for showing off your previous work.

5. SEO and Search Engine Ranking:
To make your website sell, it’s very much important that your website appears fairly on top in Search Engine Results. For that your website must be optimised for SEO, implement Schema Microdata and Link Internally in addition to Back Linking etc.

There are other lots of ways to improve chances of your website giving you increased sales. The more well planned strategies you adopt the more you get ahead of your competitors.
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