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Supertron Insta Rewards Achievers



Supertron Infotech Pvt Ltd has been initiating Supertron Insta Rewards when we were celebrating Nobo Borsho, 16th April 2018, now question is what is Supertron Insta Rewards right? It’s a smiley batch given to any employee for any type of activity or work that can be for particular work, dedication, responsibility, energy, positive attitude, influence etc. There are five types of smilies for Insta Rewards. Any senior employee can give any smiley to any junior employee. And most interesting part is this; every smiley batch has some price money that means smiley holder can earn some quick money from it. Now all have to know what these five types of smilies are. Those are: Blue Star Smiley, Super Happy Smiley, Happy Smiley, Not Happy Smiley and Angry Smiley. Every Smiley has some specific significant.

Blue Star Smiley: This smiley is for Excellence Performance done by employee.  Its price money is Rs. 500/- Our two employees earn this smiley for donating blood. And we all know blood donation is an excellence work.
A big thank you for our heroes:  Asadul Haque and Somnath Dey. Congratulations for achieving this reward.

Super Happy Smiley: This smiley is for good performance for a particular task. Its price money is Rs. 300/-. Four of our Supertronites earned this smiley for their good performance.
A high five to our employees: 1. Sharmistha Chakraborty 2. Abhishek Dhar 3. Ananda Biswas 4. Brij patel. A heartily congratulation for achieving this rewards.

Happy Smiley: This smiley for average satisfactory performance. Its price money is Rs.100/-and five of our Supertronites achieved this smiley from their seniors.
Congratulations Debarun Biswas, Abhishek Dhar, Amir Hussain, Rahul Harder and Sinchita Choudhury for winning the rewards.

Happy to write that till now no Supertronite has been given Not Happy Smiley and Angry Smiley.

Not Happy Smiley means your performance is not good and you need to change your attitude and working style.

Angry Smiley refers to you are on watch list.

The above mention winners list was for the first quarter- April, May and June.

Hope in future all Supertronites  collects more smiley badges rewards for motivation from Supertron Infotech Pvt Ltd.