Benefits of having a Responsive Website

Responsive Web Design is a hot topic nowadays and every company regardless the size and industry is working on their responsive design strategy. There was a boom of smart-phone and tablets in the last ten years which resulted in more number of people using internet on mobile than desktop. This situation has opened a new window of opportunity for businesses to reach out to new customers.
It needs a minimal investment and benefits are huge. Here are some main benefits of a Responsive Website –

1. Reach out to more users:
According to a recent report Mobile Internet Usage has surpassed the Desktop Internet Usage. So having a Responsive Website gives you more exposure and opportunity to add to your customer base. Desktop users as well as Mobile users can access it giving a very best user experience to both the class.

2. Cost Effective:
As you may think but getting a responsive website isn’t very much costly rather it’s very cost effective. Developing a single responsive website costs you less in terms of time and money than developing separate websites for mobile and desktop. And updating them time to time takes greater effort than usual.

3. Quality User Experience:
Browsing a responsive site with mobile device you don’t have to waste time zooming, shrinking and pinching your screen. This drastically improves the usability and visibility of your site. According to Google, 61% users quit your site if your site is hard to use. It increases the bounce rate of your website and thus scoring low in the SEO parameter. It means they head to your competitor’s site. So you lose a prospective customer. Your website is a marketing tool and it’s crucial to optimize it.

4. High Ranking in Google search:
A responsive website gets higher ranking in Google and visibility of your site increases. SEO critical tasks get easier and effective. You don’t have to have two separate SEO Campaigns for Desktop and Mobile. Link building also becomes easier with a single site.

5. Efficiency:
By having to maintain a single site, your operational efficiency increases. Changes, done once reflect everywhere. Using Analytics also becomes easier and efficient.

6. Increases sales and Conversion Rate:
Responsive design removes all the barriers that having multiple sites can present. Having a website that looks clean, modern, sleek and easy to use creates a great user experience and they start to like your site and then eventually becomes your customer. You need to follow the “Sale Funnel” rule i.e, “Introduce, Like, Sale” methodology and your responsive website does just that for you.
Mind it Great Website-Great Content-Great User Satisfaction and you are on top of your sales.