Carpool Service Is the Blueprint for Convenient and Affordable Travelling to Workplace

Carpool is not a new concept in USA and other European countries and nowadays it has garnered commendable acceptance in other major countries including India. With a huge range of benefits, carpooling has emerged as one of the most favored options that will help the car-owners combat the steep fuel price as well as enable the commuters to avoid the daily rush during the busy office hours.

Carpooling is the synonym for sharing car with commuters who are travelling in the same direction. As a matter of fact, the concept of carpooling involves both the car owners and general commuters who are willing to share a ride while travelling to the same destination. Until recently, carpooling as a concept was quite popular in the US and European countries but according to a survey, commuters, especially the office-goers in India have been using the internet to find carpool listing or classified sites to get into rideshare arrangements. The survey further revealed that as a concept, carpool has been embraced mostly by the private firm executives in the major metropolitan cities. The carpool concept has garnered huge popularity in the Indian cities that have the busiest of traffic. Apart from eliminating the traffic congestion during the busy office hours, Carpool has some other benefits to offer which includes considerable saving on travelling and petrol cost, meeting eco-friendly standard and getting introduced to new people.
Each morning, the office goers need to beat the busy traffic to reach their workplace on time and in the evening, an unexpected meeting or a call for a presentation often crop up; that too, when they are about wrap things up! After such tiring event of affairs, the last thing they want is being struck in the traffic or standing in a long queue to board a transport. Herein, Carpool can make things a lot easier!

From another perspective, the rising price of petrol has taken a toll on every car owners’ pocket and somehow or the other, this has influenced carpool’s popularity. Most car owners are now willing to share the ride with others so as to save on the petrol cost. The common people have also lapped up the offer in order to bless themselves with hassle-free transit during the busy hours.

The ever-growing prices of crude oil in the international market is directly proportional to the constant increase in fuel prices and such growing expense is putting the millions of people in trouble. In India, the situation is even worse. Most of the busy roads in metropolitan cities in India are overstuffed with vehicles which include public buses, cabs, auto-rickshaws, motorbikes, trucks etc. Amidst havoc congestion, the commuters have to jostle through the crowd and wait in the long queue to reach their workplace. Under such circumstances, carpool service seems to be a blessing! Carpool not only seems to save fuel consumption but also facilitates long-term ease of traffic movement. This is indeed luring Indians to embrace Carpooling as a promising change to the current hectic situations. In major Indian cities, the car owners have become keen towards sharing their cars and the concept of carpooling has garnered unprecedented popularity. In the United States, Carpools have emerged as the second most popular mode of travelling for the office goers.

In the light of the current global situation where the fuel prices are ever-increasing and congestion on the road is a common problem, Carpool seems to be the right incentive for everyone- be it the commuters or the car owners. Furthermore, car owners offering a ride as well as those requesting a ride share can now connect to each other in no time! Google Play as well as Apple Store lists a number of Carpool Android App and iPhone apps with varying features which the users can download to their devices for free. People can register as a ‘ride requester’ or can sign up to offer Carpool ride. Emergence of technological innovation in carpooling service has improved the way people travel to their workplaces and is expected to revolutionize the concept of convenient and affordable travelling in the near future.