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Toast a tribute to our wonderful ladies in Supertron Infotech Pvt. Ltd

Toast a tribute to our wonderful ladies in Supertron

Toast a tribute to our wonderful ladies in Supertron Infotech Pvt. Ltc

She dares, she dreams and above all, she works to make the company be a reputed one. Amidst all the hurdles they face in life. They never give up!

On the 8th of March, 2019. We are pleased to celebrate the International Day for Women. We respect the efforts contributed by the women working in Supertron Infotech Pvt. Ltd for making the company grow to a reputed one.

The spirit of being determinant and to achieve goals are not only shown by the men but also from the women who possess more of this quality. This makes them be wiser and face all the difficulties with courage and bravery.

It is to be known that women possess more wisdom quality in their mind. Wisdom is the quality that every company acknowledges it. Supertron Infotech Pvt. Ltd believes this fact to be yes. Proper wisdom leads to superior knowledge in the field of where they like to work. Our female employees have shown their wonderful quality of knowledge and wisdom in the work area where they are specialized.

And so, this year the CEO Mr. Sanjay Chaudhary of the organization took the decision to toast a tribute to our wonderful ladies working in Supertron Infotech Pvt. Ltd for their awesome and daring attitude they possess in life. We did this by presenting them the gifts contributed by the male employees. Presents that would make them pleased and happy.

Check If Your Website Is Competing With Itself

We all know how competition can bring out the best within us, but then, when the online marketers compete, they put in a bit more effort to improve quality, add more relevance to the campaign and connect with their potential visitors. However, the last thing that they want is to compete against their own website! The unintended act of pulling the target audience in more than one direction is termed as web or digital marketing cannibalization whereby the marketers fail to provide a distinct path to the visitors which can guide them to fulfill their goal but ends up in ruining their own results. Mentioned below are few of the flaws that lead to web marketing cannibalization.

Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest etc. – Social Cannibals

Social CannibalsSocial signals are important, but then, the social networks, instead of sending traffic to the website, might just be pulling your potential buyers away. When a visitor clicks on that social media icon in your site to ‘connect’ with you, it actually hampers the traffic statistics as they leave your website, go away from your products or services page and farther away from the lead generation form or shopping cart.

Webmasters can never think their websites to be perfect without having implemented the social media buttons. But they should actually realize why they want their visitors to go to their Facebook page? Does that in any way help their business? No, it does not. Connecting to businesses’ Facebook page actually helps the visitors to know about the company’s services, upcoming events and latest offers but it does not influence conversion.

If you have a social media plan strategized, you should go ahead and add the social media icon in your site. However, it is wise to keep it subtle in a proper position (recommended: footer). You need not go for visual prominence with all those bright colors or fancy icons.

Video Embedment- YouTube Cannibal

YouTube Cannibal

When the webmasters are linking its content to YouTube video, they are actually sending the visitors to the site that probably won’t send them back! Simply put, embedding YouTube video content, in most of the time, eats up conversions, especially if the video is ranking.

According to survey conducted with 95 companies having YouTube content which had some 900 million views, the click-through rate from YouTube to those company websites was just 0.72%. YouTube is very good at keeping their visitors and rarely offers referral traffic. YouTube being a giant and the second most popular search engine, it needs the webmasters to formulate a dynamic YouTube strategy, or else host the videos elsewhere. Using Vimeo or Viddler for hosting the video content can be viable.

Pages Competing with Each Other – Key phrase Cannibals

Wikipedia Internal linking Example

Wikipedia Internal linking Example

Ideally, the pages in the website must pin-point on specific topics and generally, the sitemap is designed with visitors and key-phrases in mind. It is the internal linking that guides a visitor from one page to the next.


keyword phrase stuffing and bad backlinks

Keyword Stuffing

Thus, if the webmasters fail to select specific phrases or target more than one key phrase per page, the relevance of the page will get diluted. Unarguably, it is always better to rank on page one of Google for a single phrase than to rank on page two or three for several key phrases.

So, if you are targeting more than one keyword per page, you are actually nibbling away your own search traffic. It is imperative to focus on the keyword usage on a page more distinctly and avoid keyphrase overlapping.

Simple Tips to Avoid Web Marketing Cannibalization

Here are some of the best principles to follow to avoid web marketing cannibalization:

  • You should always look to steer the audience from social networks to your site, not vice versa.
  • Unless you have an extensive YouTube optimization strategy, you must aim to keep video viewers on your site and away from YouTube.
  • Have a distinct call-to-action for each page.
  • Focus on a single keyphrase for each webpage.

Remember, the end goal of your marketing effort is converting the prospective leads into potential clients, so avoid including those elements in the site that would eat away your traffic.

How a Business Can Stand-Out in Social Media Platforms

Every kind of business aspires to carve a distinct online presence. With a paradigm shift where the users and prospective customers are integrating into the online media, it has become imperative for every business to establish a strong foothold online. Not only for earning a stellar reputation in the digital world, definite online presence also helps a business garner better visibility and steer potential leads to the websites.

Social Media Platforms

Image Source Via

Today, digital media, especially the social media websites have made it possible for the businesses to reach wider spectrum of their target audience, hence augmenting the room for their growth. Businesses, big or small alike can promote and showcase their services and products as well as render important information to their customers, which actually establishes their credibility while offering a competitive edge in the niche industry.

Social Media as a Thoroughfare
A website alien to the target audience is not worth it! Businesses need to promote their uniqueness and expertise in the industry, and establish good relationship with the potential customers and social media outlets offer the best way to pursue these and leverage the online visibility of the businesses.

Registering with the social media websites is not all! Registering with the social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook is okay, but these are mere channels to the main website. In order to engage the prospective web audience, it is essential to make them consume the content and eventually make purchases. Given below are some of the best ways a business can do this:

Persuasive Content
“Content is king” – the phrase might be a cliché but is so very relevant! Content is something that the web audience constantly looks for in digital media, especially in social media. Until and unless the content is interesting or engaging enough, the online audience would never allow an eye! News worthy content, a brilliant piece of satire, interesting article, an inspiring video or an infographic will always hook in the web audience and compel them to share it within their own networks, making it viral. Killer content can actually hook in a number of online audiences. It is no-rocket-science and there is no strict way of achieving this, it’s all about improvisation and creative prowess.

One sure-shot way of engaging the targeted audience is blogging. Businesses should update their blogs and share it in social media platforms. This actually allows augments the level of interaction with the online audience. A blog can be about anything- a new product launch or a corporate event, Easter celebration in the campus or a review. There should a comments section wherein the visitors can share their views on a given topic. This helps create a better inter-personal relation between businesses and their prospective customers.

Engaging Titles and Images
At times, great content does not win appreciation because of poor titles. Titles of the content, be it for blog or social media, need to grab the visitors by their throat. A clumsy and lengthy title disrupts users’ attention. Titles rather should be catchy and compelling and should never be monotonous.

Nowadays, the titles of the content can also be represented through images. The images should actually explain the points mentioned in the content and speak for the entire copy that follows. Businesses can also focus on developing image-based content (info graphics) to simplify the complex concepts and stress on the important facts.

A Final Note-
A business website lays the foundation for creating a distinct online presence and social media compliments it by widening the dimension, enabling the businesses to reach out to their target audience. With the social media evolving at a fast pace, businesses need to strategize and promote their brands so as to garner better visibility and gain a competitive edge in the niche sectors.

Facebook Marketing Campaign with the New Facebook Insights

If you’re dwelling in Facebook to improve the visibility, you must have been seeking for better analytics tools that would assist you in measuring the success as well as give you a better understanding on what’s going on in your Page. In this regard, ‘Facebook Insights’ has evolved as a blessing that will offer detailed report and important data pertaining to how the fans are engaging with your page. The new “Insights” feature lets you gather info on the percentage of organic, paid, and viral reach of the audience into your page as well as helps you gather the demographic data related to user-reach and user-engagement metrics.

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss about the four categories of the Facebook Insights that promise to take your result tracking metrics to the next level.

Overview: In the overview section, you will get an overall view of the entire page’s health. In this category, different variables such as Page Likes, the number of people talking about your page, the weekly reach of your post are revealed. You can evaluate each of the post, its “virality”, the number of “engaged users” and the number of unique people who have created a story from your post (“talking about this”). This feature will help you find out the stuff that is working and stuff that is not.

New Facebook Insights Overview


Page: This section lets you explore your page’s “Likes”, the “Net Likes” and the sources from where those “Likes” have come (“Where Your Page Likes Came From”). This section will give you a fair comparison about your performance over a period of time.

New Facebook Insights Page Likes , Post Reach, Page Visits


Posts: This is the most interesting feature of Facebook Insight. You can measure the overall reach of each of the post you have published in your page and gather info on user-engagement of each of the post. You can also view the percentage of the people who liked, commented, shared or clicked on a post after seeing it. This really works as it makes you aware of the areas where you need to improve. “When Your Fans Are Online” is one fantastic feature brought in! This graph shows the time when your fans are online. Now you know the best time to pour in the updates in your page, don’t you?

New Facebook Insights All Posts Published


People: This lets you know about the demographics of the people who have liked your brand’s page. The data can be evaluated in three parts:

1.Your Fans, wherein you can find the basic demographic data that includes age, gender, language and location.

2.People Reached, which shows you the demographics of the people who saw your content in comparison to the rest of all the Fans.

3.People Engaged, where you can find the information about the demographics of the people who have engaged with the posts in comparison to the overall demographics of your page fans.

New Facebook Insights All Fans, People Reached & Engaged


If you are a serious Facebook marketer, you just cannot afford to miss out on the new ‘Facebook Insights’! You can track the progress of the campaign, evaluate the source of traffic flowing in to your page as well as track their demographics. You will have a crystal clear idea about the things that are working and the areas that need special attention. Above all, its’ simplistic attribute add to the comprehensive benefit.