Dashing Defragmenters has raised the stakes a little higher

Techlavya Dashing Defragmenters

Techlavya is back, and now it’s bigger and better than ever!

The presentation by Dashing Defragmenters was the first one after new entrants into the Supertronite family had been sorted into their respective teams. It was the ides of May, and the seamless performance by Dashing Defragmenters eased the tiresome week with the effort and dedication of its team members.

As the Mentor of the team Ms. Pragya Dey took the center stage, she started off the proceedings by introducing her team and explaining that for the first time in the history of Techlavya presentations, each member of her team (including her) was wearing an attire related to the colour of the team logo.Capitalizing on such a brilliant concept was an instant hit with the audience and they were surely hooked in for more.

First up was Ms. Madhumita Dutta with the first performance “Let the Tune play!” and she enthralled everyone on floor with her musical prowess. It was a real treat listening to her playing guitar notes of popular Bollywood songs from the 1960s to the recent time.

This stellar show of talent was followed by a presentation named “Open your Third Eye” conducted by Mr. Nirmalya Dutta where he went on to unravel the meanings hidden inside the logos of some of the most popular brands. The crowd was equally awed and impressed with the effort taken to capture these minutest details.

It was then up to Mr. Pratik Chanda and Ms. Pragya Dey to done the role of quiz-masters and start their presentation “Who Am I?” They gave out hints for the audience to guess the names of celebrities who have either born or died in the month of May. Every right answer was awarded with chocolates and quite naturally, there were smiles aplenty!

Just like the icing on a cake, it was Ms. Rituparna Mukherjee and Mr. Agnipravo Sengupta who wrapped up the performance by Dashing Defragmenters with their touching presentation “Respect Women”. Ms. Mukherjee recited a poem written by Mr. Sengupta on women empowerment.

Even the CEO, Mr. Sanjay Chaudhary, could not help but appreciate the excellent camaraderie between the team members and the final fruits of their labour. It was a complete group performance and as Techlavya is moving forward, Team Dashing Defragmenters has clearly raised the stakes a few notches higher!