Fun time again at Best Mobile App Development Company in Kolkata

It was a beautiful warm morning of a wintry day when the Supertronites boarded the office bus and headed towards Asha Cottage at Howrah for their annual picnic and it was clear from the very first moment that the day is going to one fun-filled day as all of them were in a mood to make a mark. After the hectic schedule of meetings, client presentation, and hasty arrangements, it is a picnic that provides us with much needed leisure. This annual picnic for the employees let them take the temporary relief from their routine life and work after which they feel fresh. And the Supertron picnic adds spice to the life of the supertronites. It provides the much sought after relief from the routine life. After this relieving and enjoyable picnic, the employers feel fresh and take up new work with renewed vigor.
It was the morning of 4th February when everyone gathered at the head office and two of the buses were waiting to take the cheerful crowd to their destination, Asha Cottage, Howrah. Everyone was handed the breakfast packet once the bus started and in no time it crossed the beautiful 2nd Hooghly Bridge and headed towards it’s destination. Once the destination was visible, everyone was shouting and cheering and was on their feet to jump on the breakfast table. It started with a great platter of Jalebi, Sandwich, Idly, Bada, Club Kachori, Samosha and what not! The supertronites were just finishing off their plates when the music was already at the full blow and games started. There were games for everyone. The children, women and men were on the full flow and the best web development company of Kolkata was seeing their best developers, android developers and digital marketing employees in the field with a whole different game. Hitting the ball, dart throwing, musical chair and lots and lots of them were there. And time was flying like a rocket. The photo-session, the gaming, the dance and music and small chit-chats were going on when the fuchkas, soups bowls, cold drinks and pakodas started to do their rounds. And it not long enough when the bells for lunch was on and it was the heavenly smell of the lunch that drew the crowd to the table. It was wonderful getting that splendid time while spending time outdoors, basking in nature, breathing fresh air and enjoying a great view with delicious food in the plate and not getting enough of the best of the lot.
And then it was time for the musical chair for the ladies and the fun was everyone was cheering and applauding while it was the four ladies standing, or rather say walking and was trying to grab the chair to secure at-least one prize. And then was the great event of HOUSIE. It was great to see the team winning the most number of prizes. Luck certainly favored the Supertronites!
It was a great time when the whole team gathered together and re-lived the moments and the camaraderie that they have. This is what keeps the team Supertron going. You can visit the moments here at
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