Get to know Google Assistant – Up and Close

Google Assistant is till now the most helpful and most authoritative voice-powered AI-based digital assistant from the house of Google. It is way more prevailing and useful than Apple’s Siri and far better and miles ahead of Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa from any aspect. Google Assistant can take in just about any question you ask by leveraging the data accessible with Google, and after the crisis at Google Developer Day (GDD) Europe in Poland few times back, the assistant is more powerful than ever. At the event that was held in Krakow, Poland, Google displayed the new superpowers of the assistant as well as Google Lens.

Lens is again Google’s another vision-based assistant that leverages artificial intelligence to supply information regarding objects in the frame. It’s a technique for the smartphone camera to know what it is viewing and understand to help you take action on that particular subject.
In the keynote, Google established the latest strides in natural language processing and speech recognition. Google Assistant was capable enough to answer questions much more rapidly and even in noisy environments, it could register the questions better than before. The demonstrator at the keynote asked an extremely complicated and elaborated question about the name of a movie and Assistant was able to pin the answer down in just few seconds.
Google allows the end users to set preferences like home address, favorite sports team, from before. Now it can leverage those preferences to provide more customized and apt answers. For example, the demonstrator used her preferred weather conditions to ask Google whether she would be able to go swimming this weekend. Google used the preferred variable to answer it within seconds. Google can answer seemingly ridiculous and irrational questions with more contexts. If you ask questions like “show me pictures of Tina”, Google will use your previous search history to find out a more relevant answer and provide you the one suit you the most. One of the coolest new features that were exhibited was the ‘Be my translator’ mode. It’s an entirely new function and can translate any account you speak into a target language. It even says the translated statement out loud.
Google Lens didn’t really see any other traction after its introduction at the
I/O conference this year. And the story remains the same until now. As demonstrated at the keynote, Lens is a game changer. It was capable enough to pull contextual information from images and even take questions based on it. So if you ask how many calories this picture of an apple has, Google Lens will provide you an answer within seconds.

But among all these, the best demo was of currency conversion. The demonstrator asked how many Swiss Francs can be obtained from the pile of Polish Zloty lying on the table. Google was clever to comprehend the currency, make and account of it, calculate the quantity of it and get back with the answer within seconds. But just like most of what Google demonstrates, the features are not publicly available yet and the people need few more days before getting it in their hands.
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