Google to integrate ‘Buy’ button on mobile searches

Search engine giant Google has been on toes to add a buy button on its search results pages for products on mobile devices. As per the reports from ‘The Wall Street Journal’, the button will appear next to sponsored or paid search results, appearing on the top of the page. This will be displayed under “Shop on Google”. On clicking the ‘buy’ button, users will be re-directed to another Google product page to complete the purchase along with the option to choose colors, sizes and shipping options.

This move is marked as a strategic shift by Google that is eyeing to delve deeper into retail sector and directly step into Amazon and eBay’s territory. On the other hand, Amazon, is eyeing at integrating shopping through its new hardware called the Dash Button. Dash Button, a Wi-Fi-enabled device that will instantly order a pre-determined product (with size, quality colors) within seconds of pressing it.

Insofar Google’s ‘Buy’ button is concerned, it has raised concerns among the online retailers on the perspective that their brand identity might take a beating as users might deem it as Google’s brand. The program, however, will have Google allowing buyers to opt-in to retailers’ marketing programs and let retailers collect customers information. Google although, will save customer payment info before channeling them to the retailers.

Stringent Focus on Mobile
Since 21st of April, Google’s prime focus has been on the search conducted through mobile devices, giving a waking call to the webmasters who have been ignorant on developing mobile-friendly websites. Google informed that the websites that are not mobile-friendly will be marked-down in search rankings and boost the rankings of the websites that are. A Google spokesperson added that mobile friendliness will not be the sole criteria for mobile search results. An unresponsive website with high quality content, could still rank high in the search results.