Holi 2015 – How Supertronites Memorialized the Occasion

Supertronites Holi Celebration

It was March 4, 2015 and a Wednesday. It was the auspicious occasion of Holi and nothing could dampen the high spirits. There was no way Supertronites could let it go, marking it as a normal working day! When there is a call for celebration, Supertronites make sure that things are anything but normal!

The HR Manager announced early in the morning that every Supertronite was needed to wrap up work an hour before the closing time. Oh yes, it was also stated there would be some scrumptious snacks to take delight in before the festivity began! This doubled the excitement and exultation started seeping in straightaway.

The snacks got served around 4.30 pm and as the clock hit 6 pm, the gulaal packets were out of the bag! And within a few minutes, not a single face was spared from getting smeared with hues of red, pink and yellow. The event upheld the essence of being one happy family – a family named Supertron Infotech! The mirth and jovial moments got captured as the DSLRs and Smartphones were on their job. Share an eye how Supertronites celebrated Holi 2015.

It is truly a sight to behold when Supertronites are at their euphoric best… and be it delivering top-notch results on time or having fun together as a family, no one can do it better than Supertronites.

 Yes, we do take a lot of pride in the things we do!

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