Holi Celebrations at Supertron Infotech with vibrant colours of Success and Growth

Holi Celebrations at SIPL 2017

Holi, a festival of colours and joy, is celebrated all over India with full of joy and happiness.  Supertron Infotech also celebrated this festival with brightest colours of happiness. The flavour of ‘Holi’-day was celebrated one day in advance, and the joy and energy of everyone at office was something to see.  Everyone was excited as well as at their mischievous best. The administration had planned for the event in advance. The day was planned to be light and joyful. Eager eyes were waiting for the clock to strike 5. Those who were suppose to leave early to have an extended week end session was not spared, and all Supertronites made sure that their face was smeared with enough color so that they cannot be recognized!

The celebrations began around 5 pm in the evening with various snacks and drinks for all. Lassi stalls were set up inside office. After various round of snacks and soft-drinks, the celebration of colours started. The festivity of colours started with everyone smearing Abir-Gulal on CEO Mr. Sanjay Chaudhary one by one. Everyone exchanged Holi greetings with him and started Holi with Herbal colours and Abir-Gulal. Supertronites were keen on making a mark that they are the most colourful bunch of employees to be on road. The job of colouring each other’s face was done with great perfection, with all time hit Holi songs playing on a high note in background. Some people were busy with their work and wanted to complete it before getting their hands dirty with colours. But the HR Manager Ms. Payeli Majumdar made sure that they shut-down their workstation and celebrate the moment. For safety, everyone was warned to use only the herbal abir and gulal made available by company. All the people enjoyed the moment to its fullest. There were no boundaries between anyone. It was a true spirit of harmony and friendship. And things turned bit ‘wet’ when all of them got down only to see the drizzle and as always, Supertronites didn’t leave this chance of enjoyment too. Few tried to escape and save their clothes, which in turn came false as their dress and hair was smeared with more colors just to let them know, ‘Aaj na chorenge’! The day ended with cheerful smiles with colored teeth!