It’s Diwali time again at SIPL

It’s Diwali ‘the festival of lights’ and as you know, its Celebration time at Supertron Infotech with loads of fun and food. Like every year supertron office was lit with diyas and rice lamps, decorated with flowers, Diwali placards and colourful lights illuminating the whole office. Festival of Diwali is observed not only in India but around the world as a triumph of good over evil, light over darkness, as Diwali is not just about lighting the outside but also the inside, we, supertronites reinvigorated our love for the office and colleagues. Diwali is a special festival for us and we, supertronites were dressed for the occasion and were highly excited and energetic, we all hugged and greeted each other with best wishes and compliments.
Derived from Deepawali (a row of lamps) the Diwali holiday canters on the new moon in Kartik maas. On Diwali day, Lakshmi-Pujan is celebrated on the evening, Hindus believe Goddess Lakshmi roams the world on this day and if you keep the lights lit, she will visits your house and with her, she will bring lots of wealth and prosperity. We did Lakshmi puja in the office premises for everyone’s well being and good luck, as well as for the growth of our company, because it is the place where we do what we love. After Puja, sweet box’s were distributed to everyone which brought smiles on everyone’s face, a little snatching and grabbing happened because everyone wants more Laddu while keeping theirs untouched (which can’t be done by the way). We play small games in the office, just to keep up the fun quotient and mark the day more memorable. We also lit some fireworks like Sparklers, Flower Pots and confetti outside the office premises.
Like every year, this year’s Diwali will remain memorable to all of us, because on this day we are not associates or colleagues, there’s no senior or junior, we celebrate Diwali as a big family. We will cherish these sweet memories, and they will remain fresh in our hearts and minds, and at the same time we will be eagerly waiting for next year’s Diwali.