Local search queries made through mobile take over desktop in USA. India not far behind.

We are half-way through the year 2015 and already, mobile has overtaken desktop for local search query volume in USA. According to a recent research from BIA/Kelsey, 66.5 million local search queries in USA have been made via mobile devices compared to desktop’s 65.6 million. And it is expected that by the end of this year, these figures will multiply in quantum. While it is expected that desktop searches will go down to 64.6 million, mobile searches might swell 23%, surging to almost 81.8 million.

Mobile Search Queries increase graph

As per statisticians, the trend of searches through mobile devices will ascend over the next five years and the local desktop searches are predicted to decrease by about 500,000 each year. The growth of mobile search will be such rapid that it might sky up to 13 billion queries by 2016. By 2019, BIA/Kelsey foresees an annual searches of merely 62.3 billion in desktop compared to 141.9 billion through mobile.

India was expected to surpass more than 200 million mobile internet users by June this year on the back of growing smartphone penetration, is also not lagging behind this trend! The number of searches being made through mobile devices is also expected to catch up in India at an overwhelming rate, within 2016-2017. This means, the search ad spending through desktop will droop and will come closer to the ad spent through mobile, in days to come!