Making Mobile App for Your Business : Consider these Design Trends

Material Design

Material Design has evolved as the hottest UI /UX design trends in Mobile Development. Many big businesses have used this design concept in their Mobile Apps. Simple, fast, vivid, meaningful, and responsive – these are the key characteristics of the material design specification that one should adhere to.

Functional animations and motion design

The idea of functional animations is widespread across different mobile platforms. These are very much powerful tools and if used properly, it can add an exciting interactiveness in your mobile app. Just search on the web and see for yourself how much exciting it is!

Card layouts and swipe navigation

Another way to make UX more dynamic and meaningful is by using card layouts. It is used everywhere from Twitter to Facebook to Pinterest, Trello, Tinder and many more.

UI/UX adaptation for larger screens and new means of navigation

With the increase of big-screen mobiles and tablets, there is a new challenge for app designers. We hold and operate big-screen mobiles differentlly. Therefore we need to take advantage of those biger screens and the elements should adapt very well to small as well as big screens.


Using the right font or style helps to achieve a visible hierarchy between headlines and paragraphs. Typography alone can have a big impact on overall UI/UX of the App.

Diversity of color schemes

If trends are to be followed, flat designes, merged with subtle colors and white background is the on to be followed . On the other hand, material design guidelines suggest using unanticipated and lively colors scehemes alongwith a building color hierarchy within the application. Materialistic designs always tends to go as per both light and dark backgrounds. But most of the time, today’s apps still use white themes by default.

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