Celebrate Our Boss – Sanjay Sir’s Birthday

A boss is someone who guides and encourages all his employees to meet the office goals. He can handle any kind of issue and put his best to keep all their employees happy and confident. So on his birthday, it is our responsibility to plan something special. Surprise parties are best to make your boss feel blessed and proud. He will feel special and appreciate the efforts, which in future can build a stronger bond with his employees. However, it is not possible to throw a grand party in the office premises. Keeping the bash simple and unique is always advisable.
So Supertronites are followed it very mannerly. On 14th September, It was our Boss/CEO Sanjay Sir’s birthday. Supertronites were in celebrating mood. Preparation started from previous day.  A beautiful day started by giving him a surprise by decorating the office with balloons and ribbons! When he arrived, we were ready for many surprises! All Supertronites contributed in decorating the office with theirs innovative creativity. All the desks and cabins were full of decorations.

After the joyful surprises, we had cake-cutting celebration with gifts and a card which had handwritten messages of all employees and he was very happy to see it. The celebration was followed by lunch part treat. Sir, personally arranged lunch treat for us. All Supertronites were gathered for the mouth-watering meal. It is always believed that great lunch builds a great culture. Sir was surprised to see our preparation which included beautiful decorations and delicious cake.
“A boss’s birthday party is a great way to show our boss how much we respect and love him” So the day was ended with lots of memories of beautiful taste of food, cheers and laughter.

Aasaan – Easiest Online Permission System for Durga Puja

Aasaan- The Online Single Window Application and Permission Approval System for the Biggest Festival Durga Puja.

Like in 2016 and 2017 Supertron Infotech Pvt Ltd has been taking initiative to make “Aasaan” Application for Kolkata, Asansole, Diamond Harbour & Chandannagar (New in 2018) to solve the problem of Kolkata Police and other Government agencies in providing permission certificate for Puja Committees.

Durga Puja is the most popular festival celebrated majorly in West Bengal and other states in Eastern India.
In the past 15 years the scale as well as number of Pandals has grown by leap and bounds. In Kolkata Police jurisdiction alone, 4500+ pandals are set up.
Community Pujas are organised in public places. Pandals of various sizes are constructed across the city where Durga Puja rituals as well as festivities happen during the four days of the festival.

Idea of Aasaan:
In sync with IT initiatives taken by Govt of West Bengal under the vision and leadership of Hon’ble CM Ms Mamata Banerjee, Kolkata Police initiated Aasaan. Involving & getting onboard all other stakeholders in Durga Puja permission, a Single Window Web Portal each stakeholder having reviewed and approval process under its login was created.

Name of Various Stakeholders:

These agencies are involved in Aasaan

Fire & Emergency: West Bengal State Fire Services
Power Supply: CESE Ltd, WBSEDCL & other state electricity
Law & Order: Kolkata Police
Land Permission: KMDA, KPT, Other Govt land, etc
Environment Control: West Bengal Pollution Control Board


  • Single Window Application
  • Manpower Saving
  • Paperless
  • System Available 24×7
  • Time Saving
  • Easy Approval
  • Cashless Secure Transaction

Kolkata Police, Asansole Police, Diamond Harbour Police and this year Chandannagar Police choose Supertron Infotech Pvt Ltd to make this application and we are very thankful to them for making trust on us.

This is one of the example that Supertron in always there to provide a satisfied solution for each and every clients.

We are one of the best Web developments, Mobile App development Company in Kolkata, West Bengal.

Supertron Insta Rewards Achievers



Supertron Infotech Pvt Ltd has been initiating Supertron Insta Rewards when we were celebrating Nobo Borsho, 16th April 2018, now question is what is Supertron Insta Rewards right? It’s a smiley batch given to any employee for any type of activity or work that can be for particular work, dedication, responsibility, energy, positive attitude, influence etc. There are five types of smilies for Insta Rewards. Any senior employee can give any smiley to any junior employee. And most interesting part is this; every smiley batch has some price money that means smiley holder can earn some quick money from it. Now all have to know what these five types of smilies are. Those are: Blue Star Smiley, Super Happy Smiley, Happy Smiley, Not Happy Smiley and Angry Smiley. Every Smiley has some specific significant.

Blue Star Smiley: This smiley is for Excellence Performance done by employee.  Its price money is Rs. 500/- Our two employees earn this smiley for donating blood. And we all know blood donation is an excellence work.
A big thank you for our heroes:  Asadul Haque and Somnath Dey. Congratulations for achieving this reward.

Super Happy Smiley: This smiley is for good performance for a particular task. Its price money is Rs. 300/-. Four of our Supertronites earned this smiley for their good performance.
A high five to our employees: 1. Sharmistha Chakraborty 2. Abhishek Dhar 3. Ananda Biswas 4. Brij patel. A heartily congratulation for achieving this rewards.

Happy Smiley: This smiley for average satisfactory performance. Its price money is Rs.100/-and five of our Supertronites achieved this smiley from their seniors.
Congratulations Debarun Biswas, Abhishek Dhar, Amir Hussain, Rahul Harder and Sinchita Choudhury for winning the rewards.

Happy to write that till now no Supertronite has been given Not Happy Smiley and Angry Smiley.

Not Happy Smiley means your performance is not good and you need to change your attitude and working style.

Angry Smiley refers to you are on watch list.

The above mention winners list was for the first quarter- April, May and June.

Hope in future all Supertronites  collects more smiley badges rewards for motivation from Supertron Infotech Pvt Ltd.

Motivational Session At Supertron Infotech Pvt Ltd

SIPL Motivatopnal

SIPL Motivatonal

Motivation is a most important part of happy and successful life. It is a big emotional reason of achieving dreams in life. Many successful people used the motivation power to awaken their own potential and potentials of their team members.

Motivation is a psychological remedy which fills our minds with positive thoughts and vibrations. Motivation is important for employee, student, organization, managers and leaders.
Positive thoughts make us to resist to failures, discouragements and low empathy. Motivation also makes our body fit. We like to be happy and cheerful in every situation which makes our day and resistivity to stress and depression.

Supertron Infotech Pvt Ltd also tried to motivate the employee individually. Our CEO, Mr. Sanjay Choudhury arranged a motivational session for Supertronites. The speaker was Mr. Divakar Bagari, Principal Coach of Bhakti Vedanta Enterprises. He delivered speech for Workforce Transformation Program for employees. In the middle of speech he gave the example of many successful persons like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerbarg, APJ Abdul Kalam, Ratan Tata and so on and also make us understand how they motivated themselves to be a perfect and successful persons all over the world. At the end of the session  each Supertronites were asked to fill up the feedback form. The form had score card to mark the session, which help us to give honest ratings.

Motivation is important for success, and help us to lead healthy and happy life. In our daily office working life we really don’t get time to think about attending any session. Here we got the opportunity in our own office premises to attend the motivational session.

And we came to know that failure is a biggest down’s in our life and we can recover it by motivation.