Responsive Rangers short and sweet presentation was truly one-of-a-kind


Short, crisp and engaging…that’s how we can summarize Responsive Rangers Presentation. It was a first day of the fourth week of March. The battle against “Monday Blues” was only half-won and Supertronites got their share of help with Responsive Rangers’ Presentation that enliven the spirit to a great deal!

Unlike what Supertronites witnessed before the previous presentations by Dynamic Dudes and Tireless Troubleshooters, Responsive Rangers did not spend much time in the Conference room, strategizing or rehearsing their part. And when they delivered it on the main stage, the flow was immaculate that got every single individual applauding and appreciating.

The presentation started off with the Mentor of the team inviting Team Dynamic Dudes and Team Tireless Troubleshooters members for a group activity. With inflated balloons placed between each other, the team members had to walk in que, without the balloons falling off! While Dynamic Dudes took the central passage,Tireless Troubleshooters members started walking from the left. There were a few fumbles initially, but in the end, both the teams performed quite brilliantly. Dynamic Dudes was declared the winner by Responsive Rangers mentor Ms. Payeli Sen Majumdar and the team walked off with bundles of chocolates!

The group activity was then followed by a short-quiz contest conducted by Mr. Somnath Dey of Responsive Rangers. Few simple questions were asked; while few questions went unanswered, a few Supertronites won chocolates for giving the right answers!

It was turn for the final performance and Ms. Menakshi came up. She recited a self-created poem and mesmerized everyone in the floor. It was not only her eloquence, but the poem itself that entailed the adversities of a woman and how the social taboos and structures have continued to subjugate women, supress them as the weaker sex.

Techlavya, moving ahead, is expected to expose more talent and skills lying dormant within Supertronites, which otherwise, would have always remained behind the curtains!