Supertron Bid A Grand Farewell To 2014

It was the time to bid a farewell to 2014 – a year that has been quite eventful for the Supertron family! There were many reasons to bathe in the effervescent hue of the hour! The official e-mail invitation was sent to the ‘Supertronites’ a day before the event and had enough element of surprise to keep everyone on toes! The carnivalesque atmosphere was one wonderful sight as Supertonites swayed into the euphoria!

The Build-Up…

The event commenced with the announcement of the six new teams that will be in fray for “Super Supertronite” award. The uniqueness of the team allocation dwelled in the way it was composed. The Mentor, Team Lead and Team members in each of the team were from different domain. Such mix and match squad was created to make the entire family (read: Supertron family) a unified entity,that would foster communication and simultaneously, evoke the venerable and competitive spirit within them. As Payeli Sen Majumdar, the HR Manager puts it, “Such combination will eventually help Supertron to evolve as one strong unit.”Something that came as a pleasant surprise was the introduction of badge system, based on individual performance, bonus points and cash incentives.It was announced that the individual scoring the highest number of points after end of a quarter will be presented “Supertronite of the Quarter” award along with a hefty cash incentive.Each team’s performance will also be monitored and scrutinized and the team with the highest score after the end of a quarter will take away cash reward.


Surprise Gifts

As the announcements related to “Super Supertronite” had the ball rolling, it was time for some surprise gifts. Supertronites, who had the most innovative status message in the official chat messenger, were awarded a small token of gift. Courtesy- Mr. Sanjay Chaudhary, the CEO.

surprise gifts

“Sunn Rahein Ho Na Tum” What was it all about?

Definitely, the most awaited event of the evening, “Sunn Rahein Ho Na Tum” was anything but conventional. The name has already got you guessing, hasn’t it? Well, let’s unravel the mystery then-
“Sunn Rahein Ho Na Tum” had 17 teams participating; each team comprised of two members. Going by the rule of the game, one member from each team had to read out something from a sheet of paper provided;while the other member had to pen those down! Out of the 17 teams participating, six teams would qualify for the finale, on the basis of the points scored.

The Hurdles

1. The member reading out the texts from the sheet of paper had to mind every tiny aspect, even the punctuation marks! For instance: While reading out Samsung Grand One Rs.14,500, the reader was supposed to mention the comma and writer had to pen that down. Flawlessness was one of the determinants in scoring!

2. Member from each team was made to stand at the opposite direction (some five feet away) to his/her partner.

3. The person reading out the text and the person writing down had his/her fellow colleagues (members of other participating teams) standing beside them,doing the same!

4. The standing arrangement was inversed which made life harder for the participants! The person taking down the dictation was made to stand beside that member from the competing team who was reading out the texts. All hullabaloos!

5. The set of sheets handed over to the participants had unique texts. That means, there was no chance for a participant overhearing his opponents’ texts and penning that down!

6. Finally, the nightmare. Competing teams had to combat the distractions created by some 50 odd Supertonites who kept on clapping incessantly, made shrill sounds and intolerable noise. Such pandemonium was created to defeat the purpose of every participant who were desperate to reach out/being all ears to their respective partners!

The Outcome

While the hue and cry surely got the better of some participants, there were some who held their nerves, kept all distractions around them at bay, to make it to the finals. The finalists encountered intense hoo-ha as well butit was the winning team – the duo of Sinchita Choudhury and Samotosh Pal, who were showered with praises for excelling amid all hustle and bustle!

winners of sunn rahein ho na tum

The real motive of the game

While few Supertronites couldn’t contemplate the motto of organizing such an unusual game, some definitely could put the puzzle grids together! As Mr. Chintan Kotak, Business Analyst at Supertron had put it, such a game was organized to explain the necessity to shun every hassle and distraction and combat every single aspect that attempts to hinder an individual from accomplishing his/her goal. CEO of the company, Mr. Sanjay Chaudhary added, “Concentration, co-ordination and teamwork coupled with passion to break through every complex and intricate situations can lead an individual to his goal!”

Music and Food

Music was loud and Supertronites were exuberant, swaying to the beats of peppy numbers and DJ mixes! Adding to the merriment was the sumptuous snacks that definitely added to the delight. The sound of laughter and happy faces all around dropped the curtains to the year that was remarkable, in every sense of the term.

Goodbye 2014!

Curtains came down to an eventful day of a very eventful year. Supertronites logged off for the day with smile on their faces, determination to usher into the New Year with new zeal and passion.

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