Supertron flaunts Bangaliyana in style

It was a new Bengali year and as always, when it comes to celebration, who better than Supertronites? The Supertronites with their Super energy can pull off any occasion in a much better way. It was 15th of April, 2017 and it was the day of Bangaliana for Supertronites.
Freshly printed calendars with the scent of ink and new paper, boxes of sweets and the forbidden cold drinks on the lap of an indulgent foodie, this is what the personal nostalgia of the Bengali New Year’s Day is. Poila Boishakh/Baisakh celebrations are usually on full swing all over Kolkata. Non-Bengalis also take a dig as it is the best time of the year for some sinful and scrumptious gourmet indulgence.So Supertron made sure they keep no cards unturned when it comes to Poila Baisakh celebration.
It was the morning of poila baisakh, when the ladies, clad in sarees and the gentlemen looking dapper in kurta, entered the office premises. The whole office was chirping with joy and the work for the day took the backseat as everyone was pumped up for the events of the day. The ladies in the office manage to have a pizza party at the stairs as well. It was very evident that celebrations were doing the rounds in the office floor. As the time passed, people became busy to wrap up their work. The HR, Ms. Payeli Sen Majumdar had announced that there will be enough games to make it up for everyone. And as the clock struck 5, it was a prolonged “peeeeeeeep” sound around the office as everyone was shutting down their workspace. Our CEO, Mr. Sanjay Chaudhary was present with his whole family. His daughter and son, Shrachi and Akshat has planned few games for the employees while ma’am, Mrs. Nidhi Chaudhury helped them with the procedure. The set of game comprises of “Guess the Movie Name”, “Crossword” and “Housie”. The employees had to guess the movie names by seeing a shot from that movie. It was one hilarious task when the employees were looking for option to cheat but Nidhi Ma’am and Shrachi was keen to supervise that no one is looking over anyone’s shoulder. The Digital Marketing Associate, Ms. Madhumita Dutta won the game with a score of 18 out of 20. And both the Web Designer Ms. Sinchita Chaudhury and Ms. Sudipa Sengupta shared the 2nd place with a score of 16 out of 20. Then it was the turn for the crosswords to be solved. 4 groups were made. They were put in a group, alphabetically. All the clues were set against some technological terms and funnily the winning team won it with a margin of 0.5 marks as they had written a half term. And at last, it was turn for the biggie, The Housie. The game tested everyone’s luck as the Business Development Manager, Mr. Ajay Kanodia and Senior Web Developer, Proenjit Paul walked away with 2 prizes and the HR Manager, Ms. Payeli Sen Majumdar and Andriod Developer Mr. Avik Sutar got one each.
Next it was the turn for Mr. Supertronite and Ms. Supertronite pageant, which was won by Graphic Designer Mr. Mukund Jha and jointly by again the beautiful Web Designers, Ms. Sinchita Chaudhury and Mrs. Sharmistha Adhikari Chatterjee. As the time was nearing towards the ending, it was time for appraisal. The employees, who have completed more than a year at Supertron, were greeted with a gift and certificate of appreciation. All the new employees as well as the old ones, shared their experience with Supertron and then it was turn for our CEO, Mr. Sanjay Chaudhary, to share his experience of working with such a bunch of talented yet humble employees. It was a very emotional moment when he did not even left the office boy apart. This is the essence of Poila Baisakh and this is the spirit of Supertron family that binds us together. The evening ended with snacks, cold drinks and music and a promise of seeing many such events together.