Supertron Infotech shows the Perfect Way of Celebrating Poila Boishakh

Supertron Poila BoishakhPoila Boishakh has always been one of those occasions that Supertronites celebrate with a bang! The preparations had been going on at full swing, and the effects started seeping in as soon as all Supertronites arrived dressed in ethnic attires.

As per the official e-mail circulated, every machine got shut down by 3.30 pm, and it was up to HR Manager, Ms. Payeli Sen Majumdar and Business Analyst, Mr. Chintan Kotak to start off the proceedings. After their brief introductory speech, the celebration finally began with poetry recitations by the three Supertronites Mrs. Rituparna Mukherjee, Mr. Nirmalya Dutta and Mr. Agnipravo Sengupta… and they captured the essence of the occasion beautifully indeed, garnering huge appreciation. What followed next was a song by Ms. Sinchita Choudhury and it goes without saying, her magical voice left everyone on the floor completely spellbound!

Then, it was time for the most anticipated act! And staying true to the promises shown, the stellar performance put up by the entire team of went on to become the highlight of the evening. Led by Ms. Paroma Kumar, the show by was had five distinct performances –
Rabindrasangeet by Ms. Purnima Sarkar and Mr. Pratik Chanda, enactment of Sukumar Ray’s ‘Narod Narod’ by Mr. Ayon Ghosh and Mr. Sibabrata Chatterjee, Group play based on Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘Homecoming’ by Mr. Sibabrata Chatterjee, Mr Sanjoy Mondal, Mr. Aritra Mondal, Mr. Shabnam Adhikary, Ms. Madhumita Dutta, Ms. Pampa Ghosh and Ms. Pratima Dey, Crossword Puzzle by Mr. Rajkumar Samanta, Mr. Pronay Dhara Sharma, Mr. Mayukh Hazra, Mr. Saba Parvez and Mr. Manas Das and finally a group song acting as the curtain call.

But with so many well-dressed Supertronites, a fashion show was obviously the need of the hour. As Supertronites walked on the ramp (read: the floor), CEO, Mr. Sanjay Chaudhary stood attentive as the judge. After a tough competition, he came out with his decision and Mr. Praveen Sharma and Ms. Sayandeepa Basak walked away with the titles of “Poila Shundor” and “Poila Shundori” respectively.

Poila Boishakh was also the perfect opportunity to reward dedication and hard work. It was not only the top performers and mentors of the quarter who were generously awarded with performance certificates by the CEO Mr. Chaudhary, but ‘Committed to Excellence’ certificates were given to the Supertronites who have been working with the organization for a period of over one year and more. While Mrs. Rituparna Mukherjee, Web & Graphics Visualizer won the Supertronite of the 1st Quarter of 2015, it was Mr. Manish Kr. Madhukar, the IT Manager who was handed over the ‘Mentor of the 1st Quarter, 2015’ award. The winners stepped forward to share his or her thoughts and memorable moments in the organization. Later, a few Supertronites were summoned to the middle by the CEO himself and were lauded for their remarkable contributions.

And that one thing which could perfectly end this superb day of celebration was savoring the delectable snacks, mishtis and cold drinks to the heart’s content. As everyone started stepping out of office with wonderful memories, there were high hopes that the coming year would be more productive whereby the organization would touch greater heights and create newer milestones!