Supertron Picnic 2015- Celebrating Good Times

It was 4th of January Sunday, when Supertron hosted Company Picnic at Shyam Kutir, Duttapukur, some 22 kilometers away from the Kolkata Airport and of course, far away from the buzz and humdrums of daily life! It was a revitalizing event for Supertronites who treated themselves to fun and frolic, followed by sumptuous food. It was a fun-filled day where Supertronites had their families in attendance and swayed to the euphoric extravagance and merriment.

Supertron Picnic

There were couple of new faces who had heard so much about jubilant celebration of picnic 2014 and no doubt, their excitement was unfathomable. Office buses arrived at the picnic spot in 10.30 in the morning and it was time to relish the delicious Club Kachoris and Vegetable Sandwiches and Idli-s. Breakfast session made way for the game shows and no surprises, the response was overwhelming! While the winners had a broad smile, the others left no stone unturned in encouraging and applauding the participants.

Lunch was something more than the energy booster! The delectable taste of the dishes satiated the hungry stomach, and the variety of dishes and its palpating taste had the fitness freaks bidding goodbye to their strict diet plans! Game of “Housie” hooked in every participant and in the end; Supertron group photo session perfectly captured the beautiful bond of togetherness. As every good thing should come to an end, one of the most beautiful events in Supertron family was drawn to close.

One of the core values of Supertron is collaboration, and events like these have always helped Supertronites to augment the bond of togetherness and steer ahead towards meeting newer goals, as one single unit!

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