Supertronites Swayed Away in the Euphoric Spirit in its Annual Picnic 2013

The prelude to the holiday season had already begun in Supertron and everyone was waiting for the official announcement about the annual picnic. No sooner the e-mail was circulated, the excitement in the house skyrocketed! 29th December 2013 was no normal day for Supertron family as it was the most awaited time of the year; it was the day when the Supertronites headed for the annual picnic. A euphoric moment it was and everyone swayed to the jubilant celebration. There were happy faces all around as the Supertronites turned up for the event along with their family members and the cheerful toddlers running to and fro on the green lawn added to a delightful sight. Mouth-watering dishes, games, dancing to the peppy numbers, prize distribution; Supertron’s  annual picnic had it all and in the day’s end, the event left a special mark on everyone’s heart and a memorable episode was re-written!

Supertronites Annual Picnic 2013

Office buses arrived at the picnic spot in 9.30 in the morning. While most of the members boarded the bus, there were few who arrived at the spot in their personal vehicles. With everyone settling in, it was time to savor the delightful taste of Club Kachoris, Aloo Sabji, Vegetable Sandwich and Idli-s. Post-breakfast, the celebration commenced with flat race competitions for the little ones, followed by game shows for male and female employees. The enthusiasm, irrespective of the gender, was clearly evident and the overwhelming response was noteworthy. Some won while others could not make it, but there was no drift in encouragements and applause.

If the game shows were tiring, Supertron had its own plan to re-energize the participants! The lunch session did something more than just satiating the hungry stomachs, rather, the amazing variety of dishes and its palpating taste distorted the diet plans! Post lunch session was marked by prize distribution ceremony and photo sessions. As they say that every good thing must come to an end, a day that was marked by fun, frolic and merriment also drawn to close. It was time to wrap up the most awaited event of the year and by the time they bid adieu to the spot, the countdown for the next year’s event already commenced!