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Toast a tribute to our wonderful ladies in Supertron Infotech Pvt. Ltd

Toast a tribute to our wonderful ladies in Supertron

Toast a tribute to our wonderful ladies in Supertron Infotech Pvt. Ltc

She dares, she dreams and above all, she works to make the company be a reputed one. Amidst all the hurdles they face in life. They never give up!

On the 8th of March, 2019. We are pleased to celebrate the International Day for Women. We respect the efforts contributed by the women working in Supertron Infotech Pvt. Ltd for making the company grow to a reputed one.

The spirit of being determinant and to achieve goals are not only shown by the men but also from the women who possess more of this quality. This makes them be wiser and face all the difficulties with courage and bravery.

It is to be known that women possess more wisdom quality in their mind. Wisdom is the quality that every company acknowledges it. Supertron Infotech Pvt. Ltd believes this fact to be yes. Proper wisdom leads to superior knowledge in the field of where they like to work. Our female employees have shown their wonderful quality of knowledge and wisdom in the work area where they are specialized.

And so, this year the CEO Mr. Sanjay Chaudhary of the organization took the decision to toast a tribute to our wonderful ladies working in Supertron Infotech Pvt. Ltd for their awesome and daring attitude they possess in life. We did this by presenting them the gifts contributed by the male employees. Presents that would make them pleased and happy.

New Year Celebration & Picnic at Supertron Infotech Pvt Ltd.

It’s that time of the year when everyone is in a festive mood and planning to spend the New Year with their dearest one. We all want to party hard and enjoy as much as possible. But if Boss says that you have to come to office, then what? Never think to do work in that time, right. But we are so lucky that we work at Best Web Development Company at Kolkata, Supertron Infotech Pvt Ltd. Want to know why we are lucky? Here is written that how we spend Christmas & New Year at our office:

Picnic: 30th December 2018, we, Supertronites celebrated Winter Picnic with full of joy. At 24th December, our HR mam Payeli Sen Majumder announced that SIPL arranged picnic for us on 30th December at Shiv Shakhti Garden, Bishnupur. It was a memorable and most enjoyable day for all Supertronites. We all with our family members reached there at around 9.30 am. There we saw a grand arrangement was waiting for us. Lots of foods, games everything were there.  We enjoyed our breakfast, lunch and snacks. Girls played musical chair, marble-spoon and boys played Cricket, Archery etc.  Like that way Supertron Infotech celebrated Winter Picnic.

New Year Celebration: Wishing you all Supertonites a very Happy New Year. Hope you will spend 2019 very well. First day of the year we used to come to office and celebrated New Year with our colleagues. We entered at office and got surprised chocolate gift from our boss Mr. Sanjay Chaudhary and that made us very special. The celebration was followed by lunch part treat. Sir, personally arranged lunch treat for us. All Supertronites were gathered for the mouth-watering meal. It is always believed that great lunch builds a great culture. As the day ended we all thought it was at day worth spending at the office, after all it’s a best web development company at Kolkata. And we all took resolution that we will work hard and we will take our company SIPL to new heights as well.

Holi Celebrations at Supertron Infotech with vibrant colours of Success and Growth

Holi Celebrations at SIPL 2017

Holi, a festival of colours and joy, is celebrated all over India with full of joy and happiness.  Supertron Infotech also celebrated this festival with brightest colours of happiness. The flavour of ‘Holi’-day was celebrated one day in advance, and the joy and energy of everyone at office was something to see.  Everyone was excited as well as at their mischievous best. The administration had planned for the event in advance. The day was planned to be light and joyful. Eager eyes were waiting for the clock to strike 5. Those who were suppose to leave early to have an extended week end session was not spared, and all Supertronites made sure that their face was smeared with enough color so that they cannot be recognized!

The celebrations began around 5 pm in the evening with various snacks and drinks for all. Lassi stalls were set up inside office. After various round of snacks and soft-drinks, the celebration of colours started. The festivity of colours started with everyone smearing Abir-Gulal on CEO Mr. Sanjay Chaudhary one by one. Everyone exchanged Holi greetings with him and started Holi with Herbal colours and Abir-Gulal. Supertronites were keen on making a mark that they are the most colourful bunch of employees to be on road. The job of colouring each other’s face was done with great perfection, with all time hit Holi songs playing on a high note in background. Some people were busy with their work and wanted to complete it before getting their hands dirty with colours. But the HR Manager Ms. Payeli Majumdar made sure that they shut-down their workstation and celebrate the moment. For safety, everyone was warned to use only the herbal abir and gulal made available by company. All the people enjoyed the moment to its fullest. There were no boundaries between anyone. It was a true spirit of harmony and friendship. And things turned bit ‘wet’ when all of them got down only to see the drizzle and as always, Supertronites didn’t leave this chance of enjoyment too. Few tried to escape and save their clothes, which in turn came false as their dress and hair was smeared with more colors just to let them know, ‘Aaj na chorenge’! The day ended with cheerful smiles with colored teeth!

A Festival to Light the Way

Diwali 2016

Diwali 2016

The tradition of Diwali, from the diyas to the gorgeous offerings to the fireworks, makes it an exceptionally beautiful festival of light. Being one of the most significant festivals in our “Indian culture”, it’s an auspicious time for everyone to start a new chapter in their lives by detaching all fears, sorrows, evils with happiness, joy and vibrancy. The beautiful spirit of the celebrations and contagious positive energy that make the holiday truly radiant is what makes it one of the most awaited celebration for everyone. Diwali is all about happiness – and fun! The lights, for which the celebration is called ‘Deepavali’ represents the triumph of light over dark, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. As such, the best way to celebrate this auspicious festival is to light a candle or oil lamp, called a diya.

Every year, the staffs at Supertron Infotech Pvt. Ltd India continue their tradition of performing a small puja, or offering to the deities, to mark the festival. All the staff, member and their family attend the puja with great enjoyment and this simple things are what makes Supertron more than a workplace, a family. The purohit performs the puja everyone from the office takes part. It is like an extended break and the opportunity to spend more quality time with their families. Like every other year, the Supertronites were on their happy feet when it came to office decoration. The whole place was gleaming with the light of electric diyas and small fairy lights.

On the day of puja, our CEO Mr Sanjay Chaudhury arrived with his family. The preparation was done and all were waiting for the puja to get started. The HR manager Ms. Payeli Sen Majumdar and project manager Mr. Debarun Biswas decorated the office with beautiful flower design and wonderful rangoli. The whole atmosphere seemed to be filled up with serenity and piousness. As the chanting began, all gathered at the prayer dias to offer their pujas to the deities. Once the puja was over, the HR manager, was all set to handover the pack of sweets. As mentioned by our back office executive, Mr Somnath Dey, “I love this festival simply because of all the fun and frolic associated with it. We buy new cloths and light up diyas and the office puja is nothing short of what happens in my home!” For others, Diwali is simply a chance to celebrate being together as a family. “Due to my work, I stay away from my family,” says Debarun Biswas. “Here, my kid even feels like being in our house.”

With faces gleaming with happiness and laughter, the workplace was no more looking like a workplace, rather, a family gathering. Like every passing year, this year also started off with the blessings of Lord Ganesha and Mata Laxmi for a prosperous and happy year.