TechLavya’s voyage commences with a wonderful presentation by Dynamic Dudes

The sequence of team presentation was pre-arranged and on 30th of January, it was time to start off the proceedings with the presentation of Dynamic Dudes. Being the first team who were starting things off, there were nervous faces. In the end, however, it turned out to be a mind-boggling event which brought forth insightful info on evolving technology, phenomenal display of special skills, fun-quiz session and of course, frolic jokes that added to the merry quotient!

With a little introductory speech from the Dynamic Dudes’ mentor, Ms. Paroma Kumar, the event was officially on roll! First up was a ten minutes session, intimating the audience on the revolutionary technology of paper-battery. Ms. Sayandeepa Basak explained how paper battery works and how is it poised to transform technology in future. Meticulous explanation wowed the audience and her speech was followed by a huge round of applause.

Next up was the Dynamic Dudes team lead, Mr. Asadul Haque. The team lead claimed he would solve the Rubik’s cube within a span of five minutes. He left everyone in awe when he solved it off with 45 seconds to spare! The wonderful feat was unanimously appreciated and he gently enquired if anyone from the audience can solve it within lesser time. There was no nod of head and it attested that his skill was unmatched!

Meanwhile, there was this member who was up to something fantastic and was decking the white board up for presenting a brilliant surprise! As his fellow team members took their own sweet time in presenting their respective part, this man, Mr. Amit Bhowmik was determined to floor everyone…and truly he did! He moved off the whiteboard to catch everyone by surprise. He did this:

Dynamic Dudes presentation- Guess the Conversation

Well, this sketch has two of the most well-known personalities in Supertron Infotech – The Project Manager, Mr. Debarun Biswas and the HR Manager, Ms. Payeli Sen Majumdar. There was a riot of laughter and a huge applause in appreciation of Mr. Bhowmik’s creative talent, which till that day, remained beneath the surface. Pursuant to the sketch, Ms. Paroma Kumar, went ahead to conduct an interactive game “Guess the conversation between them” and there were actually some hilarious replies!

The fun quiz session was arranged to keep the audience engaged and it did justice to the intended mission, quite brilliantly. It was “Guess the Movie” round for the audience wherein Ms. Kumar was reading out few Bollywood movie dialogues and audience had to guess the name of the movie! There were five questions in total and the audience who gave right answers bagged a Cadbury from the team. Last but not the least, it was Mr. Manish Madhukar, who tickled the funny bones with a hilarious joke! The first presentation witnessed it all – there was amusement and fun, revelation of dormant talent and sheer skills.

Team Dynamic Dudes did perfect justice to TechLavya’s mission of augmenting team spirit and nurturing positivism. The mentor of the team, in her inaugural speech, made the team’s intent clear – “…we aspire to spread smiles!” And indeed, as they wrapped up the first presentation of the year, there were smiling faces, congratulating every member of Dynamic Dudes for such an excellent show!

Dynamic Dudes created a benchmark and sowed the seeds of making TechLavya more competitive in the days to come. They not only won audience’s heart with a stupendous performance, but also grabbed a movie voucher worth Rs. 1000/- at Inox Multiplex! A grand ending, indeed!