The presentation by Fearless Firewalls will be remembered forever

Techlavya Fearless Firewalls

There is only word that can fittingly sum up the presentation by Fearless Firewalls – “Fabulous!”

Fearless Firewalls went on to do things that no other team has ever done before at a Techlavya event… and that effort itself was a winner from the start! Their entire presentation was of a single theme – ‘Nature and Women’. The beginning of their presentation with a skit and a trailer video was so natural and smooth that most people in the audience couldn’t even understand whether it was a performance or a casual conversation between the team members.

After the initial teaser that left everyone on the floor hungry for more, the Mentor Mr. Debarun Biswas and the Team Lead Mr. Avishek Bose started off the proceedings explaining the theme of their performance. They have beautifully created a presentation combining two of God’s most magnificent creations – the grace of Nature and the elegance of a Woman. However, this one was unlike the usual individual performances we have witnessed in Techlavya so far. For the first time ever, a team performed as one unit and wowed us every minutes.

The joint effort of Mr. Debarun Biswas (who clicked and assimilated the photographs) and Mr. Avishek Bose (who wrote an amazing poem about womanhood) formulated into a heart-warming video that took everyone by surprise! As the video ended, the other four members of the team Mr. Rajkumar Samanta, Mr. Rajib Das, Mr. Soumik Maity and Mr. Sanjib Ganguly came ahead to recite their pieces where they drew an exquisite parallel between the need of preserving nature and respecting women.

And yet this was not the end as there was a bigger surprise waiting! As Mr. Debarun Biswas and Mr. Avishek Bose took the stage again, it was time for their final act – singing a Rabindra Sangeet. To everyone’s amazement, their stellar performance literally knocked every sock off and even the CEO, Mr. Sanjay Chaudhary could not help but award this phenomenal effort with free movie passes.

Techlavya is moving forward, and every month, teams are coming up with innovative ideas that is helping to bring out hidden talents and potentials!