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Carpool Service Is the Blueprint for Convenient and Affordable Travelling to Workplace

Carpool is not a new concept in USA and other European countries and nowadays it has garnered commendable acceptance in other major countries including India. With a huge range of benefits, carpooling has emerged as one of the most favored options that will help the car-owners combat the steep fuel price as well as enable the commuters to avoid the daily rush during the busy office hours.

Carpooling is the synonym for sharing car with commuters who are travelling in the same direction. As a matter of fact, the concept of carpooling involves both the car owners and general commuters who are willing to share a ride while travelling to the same destination. Until recently, carpooling as a concept was quite popular in the US and European countries but according to a survey, commuters, especially the office-goers in India have been using the internet to find carpool listing or classified sites to get into rideshare arrangements. The survey further revealed that as a concept, carpool has been embraced mostly by the private firm executives in the major metropolitan cities. The carpool concept has garnered huge popularity in the Indian cities that have the busiest of traffic. Apart from eliminating the traffic congestion during the busy office hours, Carpool has some other benefits to offer which includes considerable saving on travelling and petrol cost, meeting eco-friendly standard and getting introduced to new people.
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Understanding the Meaning of Cache and It’s Different Type

Cache is pronounced as ‘cash’ and is an area reserved for fast retrieval of data within the primary memory or a storage device. There are two main types of cache: disk cache and memory cache. Memory cache is a part on memory of static RAM (SRAM) and is the regarded effectual because of the fact that almost all programs access similar instructions or data time and again. By storing maximum information in SRAM, the machines (Computers) can avoid accessing DRAM which is much slower. Today, almost all the computers feature L2 cache or L3 cache while the older computers had L1 cache. Read more »

Supertron Infotech Awards The Best Employee And The Best Mentor For December 2013

Supertron Infotech’s endeavor towards talent recognition and appreciation moves a step forward with ‘Supertronite of the Month’ and ‘Mentor of the Month’ awards. Supertron Infotech as an organization envisions employee appreciation as one of the key aspects that fosters progress and growth. In the first week of January 2014, Supertron went ahead to acknowledge and reward the employee whose performance has been top of the edge in the month of December. The company also gave away ‘Mentor of the Month’ award recognizing the leadership qualities of the senior employee who has been guiding the entire team through the intricate processes as well as motivating them in every single aspect! Read more »

Supertronites Swayed Away in the Euphoric Spirit in its Annual Picnic 2013

The prelude to the holiday season had already begun in Supertron and everyone was waiting for the official announcement about the annual picnic. No sooner the e-mail was circulated, the excitement in the house skyrocketed! 29th December 2013 was no normal day for Supertron family as it was the most awaited time of the year; it was the day when the Supertronites headed for the annual picnic. A euphoric moment it was and everyone swayed to the jubilant celebration. There were happy faces all around as the Supertronites turned up for the event along with their family members and the cheerful toddlers running to and fro on the green lawn added to a delightful sight. Mouth-watering dishes, games, dancing to the peppy numbers, prize distribution; Supertron’s  annual picnic had it all and in the day’s end, the event left a special mark on everyone’s heart and a memorable episode was re-written! Read more »