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Supertronites Showed Up For Noble Cause of Blood Donation

350 ml of blood can save up to three lives and it goes without saying, donating blood is one of the most humanitarian gestures. Given the number of people who lost their lives in 2012-2013 out of deficient blood supply, donating blood is definitely one of the beautiful tokens of benevolence. The CEO of Supertron Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Sanjay Chaudhary accompanied with two of his team-members Satyanarayana Choppavarapu and Somnath Dey turned up on Sunday, 27th of April in a blood donation camp ‘Project Life Force’ held at Gurudwara, Behala, Kolkata to be a part of a noble cause.
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All That You Need To Know About Heartbleed Bug And Its Threats

The Heartbleed bug, an encryption flaw, is being considered as one of the biggest security threats that Internet has ever witnessed. The bug puts users’ passwords in many popular websites at risk and this applies to popular websites we use including Facebook and Gmail. What makes this bug deadly is the fact that it can quietly expose sensitive account information such as passwords and credit card numbers of over the past two years. If the figure of Netcraft is to be believed, more than 500,000 websites could be attacked by this bug.
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