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Tireless Troubleshooters presentation that amazed, enthralled and educated

Tireless Troubleshooters

Team Tireless Troubleshooters took off from the point where Dynamic Dudes left. The presentation, on 21st Feb. was marked by mind-boggling display of talent, knowledge sharing moments, quick-quiz contest and unadulterated fun. And it goes without saying, Team Tireless Troubleshooters lapped up sincere appreciation from everyone in attendance!

A teaser video of mere 30 seconds was circulated by Tireless Troubleshooters mentor a day before the event and it left everyone guessing! On the said date, their unique arrangements and props added to the thrill! Wild guesses were being made and everyone was speculating what was in store?

Team Mentor, Mr. Chintan Kotak started off the proceedings, with a small inspiring speech and later, summoned Tireless Troubleshooters Team Lead Ms. Sinchita Chowdhury. A music that was on for quite some time, got its due when Sinchita Chowdhury lent her voice to it! All the hush-hush suddenly faded into oblivion as her melodious voice spread an enchanting aura, casting a spell on everyone present!

Next up for Tireless Troubleshooters was Mr. Monojit Banik, who shared some wonderful facts about few of the websites that are intrinsic part of our daily life! His five minutes presentation brought forth some of the lesser known facts about Google and Facebook. No prizes for guessing, it was the most interesting and insightful five minutes of the day!

Mr. Karamjit Singh was the one who completely stole the show with his impromptu mimicry session! His enactment had him mimicking almost everyone in Supertron, right from the Project Manager Mr. Debarun Biswas, the HR Manager Ms. Payeli Majumdar, Executive Operations Ms. Paroma Kumar. He even did not spare his own team mentor, Business Analyst & Development Manager and impersonated his antics with élan. His act spread the riot of laughter in the floor and CEO, Mr. Sanjay Chaudhary could not stop flaunting his smiling face, either! His enactment was not only a beautiful one, but on a serious note, upheld one of the core aspects of ‘TechLavya’.  As the team mentor had put it in his speech before the act, the performance from Mr. Singh was a sneak-peek of the habitual scheme of things at Supertron Inoftech and he garnered overwhelming appreciation for his stupendous ability to observe things.

The team Tireless Troubleshooters had the significance of 21st February in mind! The date, which is revered as ‘Bhasha Dibosh’ in this part of the world was rightly honoured by this team. Mr. Surajit Panja, had a small quiz pertaining to ‘Bangla Bhasha’ (Bengali language). He wrote couple of common English words on the white board, asking Supertronites for the Bengali translation! There were guesses coming from here and there and the right answerer bagged chocolates, as an appreciative gesture!

Tireless Troubleshooters presentation had all the ingredients of etching an ever-lasting memory in the minds of the Supertronites. The event wrapped up with a speech of appreciation from the CEO, Mr. Sanjay Chaudhary, as he expressed his pride to have some wonderful talents on board. He also voiced his eagerness to be enthralled by some more extra-ordinary display of talents in days to come!