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Supertron Picnic 2016- ‘Cherishing Good Moments’

Picnic 2016

The 10thof January 2016, was a day for get-together as Supertron hosted its company picnic at Shri Hari Kanan, Badu, Madhyamgram. It was a rejuvenating event for the Supertronites as they got a whole day to celebrate with each other, far off from the hectic office schedule. It was a day full of fun and the Supertronites, with their family members plunged into the pool of merriment followed by savory food. The day was very different from the other days since the Supertronites turned into family members from being colleagues.

Office buses and cars arrived by 10 am at the spot and it was time to relish the delicious Kachauris, Chana, Samosas and Fuchkas. The breakfast session was followed by different game shows both for boys and girls. While the winners had a broad smile on their faces, others encouraged and applauded the participants. The boys had fun at the cricket event. The game show was followed by the lunch session. Everyone was hungry after involving themselves in various different fun activities.Lunch was something like an energy booster for the Supertronites. The heavenly taste of every food item satisfied the hungry stomach and its exquisite taste made the fitness freaks bid goodbye to their strict diet schedule.

Now it was time for the ladies musical chair event. This year the event witnessed maximum participants and continued for long. Coming to the end of the day; the game of ‘Housie’ hooked in every participant right from the youngest to the eldest one. The group photo session of Supertron captured the bond of togetherness. One of the core values of Supertron is ‘Collaboration’ and events like these have always helped to intensify the bond of togetherness and drive ahead to meet new goals.