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Motivational Session with Mr. Nikhil Narayan

Session with Nikhil Narayanan
Supertronites on 16thFebruary 2016, had an overwhelming motivational session on “Spiritual MVC Framework” with Mr. Nikhil Narayan, an Entrepreneur, Teacher and Guide. He started India’s first PHP Training Institute in the year 2004 and the first Android Training Institute in the year 2008. He is also considered as one of the best corporate trainers all over India. Nikhil Narayan is very famous for his motivational as well as inspirational sessions.He loves to teach regular topics like Software Development, Self Improvement, Motivation as well as the more serious Spirituality and Meditation. He founded and, which has helped thousands of young Indians to pursue their dreams. His passion is to help people discover their hidden strengths and happiness through a confluence of Science and Spirituality. He has also personally trained and placed thousands of freshers in top software companies and has taken seminars in IITs and top IT companies. Supertronites were lucky to have a person like Nikhil Narayan among them. His motivational speech inspired every individual and helped every one of us to examine life in a different way and explore the better part of it in order to achieve success.His primary question to all Supertronites was “Who are you?” If an individual is unaware of this question, he won’t be able to find success in life. In order to achieve success, one must know his identity, not by name or profession, but must know his inner self.Success cannot be achieved only by earning money; one must be successful in life. One must not be self-centred at his workplace; giving your 100 percent will give you both mental satisfaction as well as lead you towards the path of success and progress.His motivational session instilled positive values among all the members of Supertron and motivated every one of us to follow the path which leads to success.The interactive session with Mr. Nikhil Narayan helped Supertronites solve issues to several questions. Supertronites were glad to spend a few hours with him as the session helped every one of us to refresh their lives and experience life in a different way.