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Not Just Another Bengali New Year

Pohela Baisakh

Pohela Baisakh

Poila Baisakh, is the threshold of the first month of Bengali Calendar. And as we know it, when it comes to celebration, there is no one better than Supertronites! And our every celebration comes in a Supertronite way! Welcoming the Bengali New Year was nothing short of a grand gala when the fun-lovers entered the office in an all new ethnic clad avatar. The women in sarees and the men in Kurta-Punjabi looked dapper and the excitement in them was bubbling in them. As the HR manager had announced, everyone was getting ready for the evening events to start.

Just as the clock struck 5:00 pm, the sound of workstations being closed for the day was more than audible. The event got started with a small speech from the HR manager, Ms Payeli Sen Majumder. And the event started with giving out the certificates to the employees who has completed one year and to the one completing three successful years with Supertron family. The moment spread some happy nostalgia when they came one by one and shared their experience with Supertron. And then came the turn of the new joinees. They shared their experience till the date.

But the best was yet to come. was the grand event of the evening with the CEO, Mr Sanjay Chaudhury taking the centre stage with a bunch of questions and a handful of Flipkart vouchers. The quizzes were easy as well as tricky and Mr Abhishek Dhar, Ms Paromita Bhattacharjee, Mr Nilabja Mukherjee and Mr Ahmed walked away with the gift coupons.

Finally, the grand gala came to its penultimate stage with the time of the fashionistas. It was the time to pick out the in-house Dude and the Beautiful only to be honoured as “Ms Ooo La La” and “Mr Hotie”, which was respectively grabbed by Ms Bidisha Chakraborty and Mr Debarun Biswas. There was enough reason to be jealous of them as the winners walked away with bags full of chocolates.

As the splendid evening was coming to an end, the floor was filled with the aroma of pav bhaji and hot gulab jamun. The food was sumptuous and everyone ate to their heart’s content. As everyone was stepping out of the office at the end, there were certainly some good memories in their hearts and dreams of a better and bigger celebration to their eyes. Another new year started with some new goals to achieve.

A Celebration of Colors

Holi celebration

Holi celebration

It was the day before a ‘Holi’-day, 22nd March and the Supertronites were again high with the spirit of their mischief. And why not? It was the day of fun, mirth and joy. It was the day of Holi celebration. As the HR manager, Ms. Payeli Sen Majumder ‘warned’ everyone not to delay with their work; everyone was on their toes to shut down their machine by 5:30 to do the justice with the mouthful of Dhokla and Gulabjamun. And just when the clock struck 6, all the Gulal packets were out for the action.

The event started in subtle way with a ‘tika’ to the CEO Mr. Sanjay Chaudhury. And then things turned quirky when the first attack was on the project manager, Mr. Debarun Biswas. He made sure that none of the faces remain recognizable. Within Minutes the whole floor was smeared with pink, blue, red and yellow. The hairs turned red, the teeth turned brown and the shutterbugs kept on doing their job to make the moments memorable.

It was pure pleasure seeing the Supertronites at their merriment. They again proved that whatever they do, they do it at their best. Be it the work or the celebration.