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Promote your business via Digital Marketing in India


21st Century is The Digital Age. Not so long ago we use to get most of our news, information and even shopping cues from television, newspapers or other print media. Before that, the Internet was supposed to be for the elites, but the table has changed now. Everything is migrating to the Internet, be it information or businesses, and Internet belong to all with millions of new users joining the already vast network every year, some claim that we have reached the saturation point but in reality we are not even close, in India alone 40% of the population have access to Internet which leave rest of 60%, that is around 600 million people still to be connected.

Marketing plays a huge role in the growth of a business and due to internet’s vast expanse lot of Internet base businesses have sprung up and in most of the cases they are doing far more business than the conventional one, Internet gives unprecedented access to huge number of customers around the world. Digital Marketing plays a huge role in promoting a brand and it services online, and the businesses having strong online presence gains a lot form online customer base. So you need to choose the best digital marketing company to promote your business. Now you must be wondering, how to choose from the top digital marketing companies in Kolkata and promote a new business! So the question why digital marketing is all but irrelevant still here, here are some reasons listed:

  • It give businesses small or big equal opportunities
  • Digital marketing is less expensive than the traditional ones
  • With digital marketing businesses get real time analysis about which campaign is working which is not, and change what and when required
  • Digital marketing reaches all members, including mobile devices users
  • Digital marketing give flexibility, businesses can choose their target audiences & place, and direct their ad campaign toward them
  • Digital marketing can raise brand awareness and build trust

So the question most of the new businesses starting up or the old conventional ones trying to make the digital jump are asking is ‘How’. There are lot of ways to market a business or a brand online, here’s a list of the most used methods:

  • Promotion through high quality Blogs and Articles
  • Marketing on online discussion forums like Quora and Reddit
  • Marketing on social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn and Instagram
  • Build customer trust via feedbacks and ratings on site like Yulp, Justdial, Mouthshut and Glassdoor
  • Become more visible by getting listed on online web directories
  • By optimising websites and content for SEO
  • Marketing via email
  • Sponsoring or co-sponsoring shows, events and webinars
  • Publicising CSR activities
  • Tap in to the power of latest trends and hashtags on sites like Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter

With digital marketing businesses can also target specific groups of their interest, and choose the method that works for them. Lot of businesses are mobile centric so they need to promote their business via mobile platforms, businesses can expand their customer base via downloadable mobile apps, if you are wondering how to grow business via mobile app give this blog a read→

Big corporate companies keep digital marketing experts on their payroll, but the vast numbers of medium and small companies need digital marketing service providers to fulfil their digital needs, Supertron Infotech is one of the best digital marketing company in Kolkata, not only that they also provide high quality web, ecommerce and mobile app solutions, in recent times they have emerged as one of the best web, ecommerce and digital marketing company in Kolkata. To know more about Supertron Infotech Pvt. Ltd. visit website

So what are you waiting for, give your business the digital boost and see your business figures skyrocket, whatever you need for your business, promoting your products or building brand presence and trust online, digital marketing has it all. Because this is 21st Century – The Digital Age.

How to grow your business via Mobile App


Are you thinking of making a Mobile App for your business? Now is the high time to do so. As Smartphone and tablet adoption reaches near ubiquity, businesses are in a rush to have a mobile presence.
Based on a research, approx 70% of total traffic is coming from mobile and the trend is still increasing.
So, aside from popular demand, why create an app? Based on that same research, here are top 3 reasons for having a mobile app.

Increase sales: Fifty- five percent of survey respondents said their app was made with a goal to increase sales. Apps give users more convenient way to browse and shop anywhere while on the go. Companies can push notifications for new deals and products.

Improve the customer experience: An app gives you an opportunity to be connected with your customers 24×7 offering easily accessible information right at their finger tips. Here we need to understand that Mobile-friendly website and Mobile App are two different tools. Mobile website mainly serves random users while surfing on mobile but Mobile App is mainly for retaining your old customers.

Compete in a specific market: If small businesses compete with other businesses then they need to adapt with these changing trends. Many businesses are using Mobile App for their internal operation too because it streamlines the overall process.
There are other prominent reasons why businesses are in a hurry to get a Mobile App.
• App Marketing
• Social Networking
• Personalisation and localization
• Push Notifications

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