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Motivational Session At Supertron Infotech Pvt Ltd

SIPL Motivatopnal

SIPL Motivatonal

Motivation is a most important part of happy and successful life. It is a big emotional reason of achieving dreams in life. Many successful people used the motivation power to awaken their own potential and potentials of their team members.

Motivation is a psychological remedy which fills our minds with positive thoughts and vibrations. Motivation is important for employee, student, organization, managers and leaders.
Positive thoughts make us to resist to failures, discouragements and low empathy. Motivation also makes our body fit. We like to be happy and cheerful in every situation which makes our day and resistivity to stress and depression.

Supertron Infotech Pvt Ltd also tried to motivate the employee individually. Our CEO, Mr. Sanjay Choudhury arranged a motivational session for Supertronites. The speaker was Mr. Divakar Bagari, Principal Coach of Bhakti Vedanta Enterprises. He delivered speech for Workforce Transformation Program for employees. In the middle of speech he gave the example of many successful persons like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerbarg, APJ Abdul Kalam, Ratan Tata and so on and also make us understand how they motivated themselves to be a perfect and successful persons all over the world. At the end of the session  each Supertronites were asked to fill up the feedback form. The form had score card to mark the session, which help us to give honest ratings.

Motivation is important for success, and help us to lead healthy and happy life. In our daily office working life we really don’t get time to think about attending any session. Here we got the opportunity in our own office premises to attend the motivational session.

And we came to know that failure is a biggest down’s in our life and we can recover it by motivation.