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Celebrate Our Boss – Sanjay Sir’s Birthday

A boss is someone who guides and encourages all his employees to meet the office goals. He can handle any kind of issue and put his best to keep all their employees happy and confident. So on his birthday, it is our responsibility to plan something special. Surprise parties are best to make your boss feel blessed and proud. He will feel special and appreciate the efforts, which in future can build a stronger bond with his employees. However, it is not possible to throw a grand party in the office premises. Keeping the bash simple and unique is always advisable.
So Supertronites are followed it very mannerly. On 14th September, It was our Boss/CEO Sanjay Sir’s birthday. Supertronites were in celebrating mood. Preparation started from previous day.  A beautiful day started by giving him a surprise by decorating the office with balloons and ribbons! When he arrived, we were ready for many surprises! All Supertronites contributed in decorating the office with theirs innovative creativity. All the desks and cabins were full of decorations.

After the joyful surprises, we had cake-cutting celebration with gifts and a card which had handwritten messages of all employees and he was very happy to see it. The celebration was followed by lunch part treat. Sir, personally arranged lunch treat for us. All Supertronites were gathered for the mouth-watering meal. It is always believed that great lunch builds a great culture. Sir was surprised to see our preparation which included beautiful decorations and delicious cake.
“A boss’s birthday party is a great way to show our boss how much we respect and love him” So the day was ended with lots of memories of beautiful taste of food, cheers and laughter.