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Benefit of G Suite for Business

G suite is an application developed by Google first launched on August 28, 2006. Formerly, it was known as Google Apps. G suite comprises Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, slides and forms, Google Calendar, Hangouts, Google Keep and Google vault.

Here Some G Suite for Business Features

Data Security: You can store, access and share your files safely with Google drive from any drive. G suite for business stores information in Google Data Centres to keep your data safe. Moreover, if the servers fail, you would not loss your data and all the information remain in the cloud. In fact, you have access to your employees’ devices from G suite. Although G suite for business offers the best level of security, you should avoid using it via public Wi-Fi.

Teamwork: G suite for business allows you and other employees to work together at the same time. You can set the capability level of your employees for editing the documents and making recommended changes. Also, they can communicate with other employees working on the same document. In this way, teamwork strategy helps to develop speed and accuracy of a project.

Easier Communication: Gmail is the paid version of G suite for business. When you create an account with Gmail, your Email address looks like For business sites, your Email address looks like yourname@yourdomaincom.
Having an Email address with the domain name (Company’s name) is professional and trustworthy among your clients and business partners.

Organize with Google Calendar: You can organize your important dates and reminders for the scheduled projects. G suite for business allows you to create a group calendar for regular meetings and seminars.

Google Hangout: G suite for business allows hangouts from your browser or by using Google apps. You can start Group chat (up to 150 participants) and video conference with hangouts. In addition, it allows up to 10 participants for free video calling/ screen sharing and 25 participants with a paid version

Google Vault: Vault enables you to retain track on corporate data form G suite products which include Gmail, Google drive, team or Group chat and hangouts meet.

Availability: You have 24/7 access on your documents and files from anywhere in the world with G suite for business services