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Upgrade GSuite Basic account to GSuite Business Account

G-suite also knows as Google Apps for work or Google Apps for domain is a mix of Google technical user services like the software, cloud computing, collaboration tools like Gmail, Hangouts, Docs, Sheets, and Calendar etc. In this Article we’ll explain what’s the difference between Gsuite Business vs. Basic. The G-suite interface differs for the business users, with two different versions including the G Suite Basic and G Suite Business. These are two different products available for the business and offer different interface product interaction for the enterprise clients. It is important to note that Google no longer has free services available for Google Apps for work to its enterprise clients and even its cloud partners do not have access to free services anymore.

G Suite Basic and G Suite Business both function independent from each other to provide effective functional abilities to the users. Depending upon the needs of the business, one can choose the Google features to work with. We understand the features of the both types of G Suite’s now to help you understand the basic differences between the two and decide which product is the best for your business operations.


This Google bundle is available at a cost of $6 per month and offers its users a new business standard through the premium version of email use and management. It is targeted at independent professionals, SMEs belonging to any industry type. It is a small investment to impress your business partners and clients with a professional display of Gmail and also, be able to manage your business emails in a neat, compact manner.

Google offers customer service support through phone and email. The basic also includes the important G-suite apps and a 100% support from the technical team including courtesy service calls and options to use the service anywhere and anytime.



If you need a Google Bundle which is more sophisticated and refined for your business size and type, you can opt for G-suite business which has a big apps vault and unlimited cloud storage to conduct the business operations swiftly. The price of this package is $12 a month/single user.

The business edition includes all the important upgrades you expect from G-suite such as unlimited offers of all the features from work apps you need; unlimited storage on Gmail, Google Drive, and the central business apps; audit reporting feature and advanced software engineering to archive your files or emails in compliance with latest G-suite apps vault. This Google suite pack is idle for medium business or if you see your business growing at very fast pace in the near future. Small business can also take advantage at a small additional investment for availing more date security and processing especially if you business is completely data centred.