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Why Marketers Need to Tap into the Power of Evergreen Content?

Power of Evergreen Content

Have you ever come across a resourceful content that was written and published half a decade back? If you like to stumble upon sites like Wikipedia and eHow for help, then I’m sure you have! These sites have successfully tapped into the power of “Evergreen Content” – a sustainable content that continues to be relevant way past its publication.

It is is true that nothing in the Internet world disappears, but things slowly get pushed back down the SERPs. And with a steadily falling traffic flow, these content start losing their SEO value. So the strategy should be to create content whose information does not change or become outdated after a couple of months. One must, therefore, avoid creating content that revolve around current trends or news articles.

To clarify the term “Evergreen Content”, let’s look at the types of content that have the highest potential of becoming perpetual in the long run:

  1. Tutorials
  2. “How To” guides
  3. Product Reviews
  4. “History Of” articles
  5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Write Evergreen Content?

#1. Write for the Beginners

When we tend to produce a content, we aim to make it exclusive for the experts. For example, a comprehensive write-up about emerging SEO techniques which SEO professionals will find handy. But every now and then, something new will emerge and your write-up will slowly be forgotten.

You should rather focus on writing content for the beginners, keeping in mind that you are educating them about the basics. Basics do not change and although a lot has been written on your topic already, you can still make it exclusive by including your own views and experiences.

#2. Keep things Simple, Short and Compact

As you are not writing for experts, it is highly unwise to use a technical language. Break down a long sentence into shorter ones, and use a language that can be understood by anybody. If there is a technicality involved, make sure to explain it in simpler terms.

You also need to keep in mind that unlike experts, beginners are not reading your content to increase their knowledge base; they are simply looking for answers to their problems. You need to keep your content short and compact in order to keep your beginner readers engaged and interested.

#3. Divide the Broad Topic

If you have a broad topic like ‘A comprehensive guide to pet care’, the write-up will naturally be quite long and as a result, most beginner readers will lose interest while going through it. The smartest way to create an Evergreen Content from a broad topic is to divide it into specific and narrower pieces.

So when it comes to the aforementioned topic, ‘How to clean your pet properly?’ and ‘5 things your pet should eat daily’ can be some of the possible narrower topics. Just like eHow does it, you can link these relevant topics together to make it easy for visitors to jump from one relevant topic to another. This internal linking is not only good for keeping visitors engaged to your website, but also greatly helps in getting high rankings in the SERPs.

Evergreen Content + SEO = Evergreen SEO

An Evergreen Content is useless if it is not being searched and visited by people. This is the reason why you need to create relevant evergreen pieces, and let SEO professionals work on giving them the intial push. Once the pieces have reached the desired number of audiences, their efficiency will automatically attract attention and initiate social shares.

Being evergreen, however, comes with its own set of perks! If an evergreen write-up is centred around keywords you would like to rank your website on, it will be able to generate traffic for months or years to come. Your website will get a steady influx of visitors from an Evergreen Content even if it is more a year old. So just think about the highs you’ll get in terms of SEO!

The trick is simple and all you have to do is follow the basics. It is, however, not mandetory to focus entirely on producing Evergreen Content. You can obviously mix things up with articles on current news and latest trends. This will create a good balance and also invite experts who are looking to stay updated.