Challenges from work from home

In the wake of the Covid-19 disease spreading at an alarming rate around the world many government authorities of different countries have ordered company directors, manager and employees to start practicing to work from home. It may seem to be an easy task for employees to follow this order, it does not seem to be that easy than it is with it’s challenges.

As your habit of commuting from home to office is now halted, it has now made your work life to be more comfortable as the hassle to dress up and leave for work in hurry is now reduced. But this does not lead your life to be in an all rainbow and unicorn feel.

Employees of Supertron Infotech Pvt Ltd induced in providing online marketing and software services to customers have started the habit of working from home. And as other office employees are facing challenges from work from home have found ways to work properly and efficiently from home.

  • Distractions – Personal things are something that when it comes in between your work space creates a distraction to you while your work. TV, music system, chores from the family members are some of the answer why distraction occurs. Even if they are from the other side of the work room.
    In order to curb such thing it is best to manage your personal space properly. Reduce the TV volume while your kids are watching it. Avoid the chores among family members by setting down family issues a day before your work.
  • Managing your work time – work from home becomes a pleasure for employees as they are given the freedom to work whenever they want. Being quarantined at home tends to make people lethargic and thus work from home becomes difficult. Thus, it is best for you to make schedule according to your work as well as activities for house related issues. Take extra time after lunch to cover up your house related issue. Exercising daily will keep your body to remain active and thus you can follow your regular routine.
  • Direction from boss is not done well and team communication becomes fragmented – while working in office cubicle you are close to your office colleague where you can work efficiently when you are in trouble at work; as you take support from them to complete the job. Even direction from your superiors gives you an idea where you should focus more to make your work complete.
    Working at home tends to loosen your team communication. The lethargic routine followed plus worked disturbed will often make you not follow communications with your office colleague which reduces your work efficiencies. At times in the middle of your work you may face communication lagged because of the poor network coverage in your house or room or locality. Any one of the three.
    Thus, during such scenarios it is best to be active before you start a team communication. Improve your activity both mentally and physically. Move your body a bit, exercise for the start of the meeting, wash your face to make you feel fresh before the meeting. Also check the strength of the network coverage so that your online meeting coverage is done smoothly without the any hassle.