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Facebook Marketing Campaign with the New Facebook Insights

If you’re dwelling in Facebook to improve the visibility, you must have been seeking for better analytics tools that would assist you in measuring the success as well as give you a better understanding on what’s going on in your Page. In this regard, ‘Facebook Insights’ has evolved as a blessing that will offer detailed report and important data pertaining to how the fans are engaging with your page. The new “Insights” feature lets you gather info on the percentage of organic, paid, and viral reach of the audience into your page as well as helps you gather the demographic data related to user-reach and user-engagement metrics.

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss about the four categories of the Facebook Insights that promise to take your result tracking metrics to the next level.

Overview: In the overview section, you will get an overall view of the entire page’s health. In this category, different variables such as Page Likes, the number of people talking about your page, the weekly reach of your post are revealed. You can evaluate each of the post, its “virality”, the number of “engaged users” and the number of unique people who have created a story from your post (“talking about this”). This feature will help you find out the stuff that is working and stuff that is not.

New Facebook Insights Overview


Page: This section lets you explore your page’s “Likes”, the “Net Likes” and the sources from where those “Likes” have come (“Where Your Page Likes Came From”). This section will give you a fair comparison about your performance over a period of time.

New Facebook Insights Page Likes , Post Reach, Page Visits


Posts: This is the most interesting feature of Facebook Insight. You can measure the overall reach of each of the post you have published in your page and gather info on user-engagement of each of the post. You can also view the percentage of the people who liked, commented, shared or clicked on a post after seeing it. This really works as it makes you aware of the areas where you need to improve. “When Your Fans Are Online” is one fantastic feature brought in! This graph shows the time when your fans are online. Now you know the best time to pour in the updates in your page, don’t you?

New Facebook Insights All Posts Published


People: This lets you know about the demographics of the people who have liked your brand’s page. The data can be evaluated in three parts:

1.Your Fans, wherein you can find the basic demographic data that includes age, gender, language and location.

2.People Reached, which shows you the demographics of the people who saw your content in comparison to the rest of all the Fans.

3.People Engaged, where you can find the information about the demographics of the people who have engaged with the posts in comparison to the overall demographics of your page fans.

New Facebook Insights All Fans, People Reached & Engaged


If you are a serious Facebook marketer, you just cannot afford to miss out on the new ‘Facebook Insights’! You can track the progress of the campaign, evaluate the source of traffic flowing in to your page as well as track their demographics. You will have a crystal clear idea about the things that are working and the areas that need special attention. Above all, its’ simplistic attribute add to the comprehensive benefit.