Work From Home – Challenges faced by team leaders and Managers

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Virtual team meeting and work is now the trend happening across the world as the practice of lockdown and social distancing are being implemented due to the directions from the Government Authorities. As work from home are being practiced by company employees, managers and directors of the organisation, studies have demonstrated that remote working are more productive, healthier and attain positive work – life balance.

However not all things that are positive brings glooms and blossom in a situation. As there are certain disadvantages of work from home that pose a challenge for the team leader and manager.

  1. Managing Projects – One of the biggest challenges that are posed this lockdown season is how to manage projects. Whether it is group work or work that is to be completed by team member solely, the work of the team leader is to make sure that the deadlines are met to make the company goals achieved.
    As communication will be without any physical contact with no real meet, it becomes difficult to maintain a proper track of individuals task and ask questions related to the work queries.
    In such moments it is best for companies to start utilizing services that offer a broad range of project making and management facilities. Such as online project making platform, dedicated pages which assigns to team members what are their jobs for the given day.
    Supertron Infotech Private Limited one of the leading software company in Kolkata have undertaken many projects of our clients, delivering them the required software products and services required for their enterprise. And with this lockdown scenario, our team members in charge of software developers are keen to present you platforms where through the ecosystem of the software employees of your organisations can work efficiently in preparing projects for the team as well as update your work status. This ensures your team leader to know where you have worked and what is left up to cover.
  2. Lack of communications and high disturbances – As team members reside in different regions, there are certain issues where team members may face due to personal reasons. Such as poor bandwidth of internet services to certain household chores that may interrupt the work of employees and make it difficult for the team member to continue.
    In such moments it is best for your team leader and other team members to inform about your work statuses through chat boxes. It is best for team leaders and managers to opt for chat services that can be used for internal communications only. Such as zoom software. You can also opt chat services for your own organisations by ascertaining software development organisation to create such chat platform. Team members of Supertron Infotech Private Limited have taken such similar projects in the past for our clients and have successfully deployed our services which have been highly useful for their needs.
  3. Trust building – As communication can be a problem among team members, a sense of mistrust can also arise within the group. This makes team leader fell that employees are not seriously working at their remote place and that they are not committed enough on the given project.
    At this moment it is best for employees to set an objection towards work. They must have the motivation to complete the task. Have a clear vision on their mind on how to solve issues and bring adequate results at the end of the working day.